300 Mugs on the Wall.    

Our Mug Club runs for 12 months, from October to October. Renewing Members get to keep their Mug and Number, and New Members get dibs on whichever Mugs do not get renewed.


• When does renewal begin and end?

Renewal for Existing Members was from 9/1/19 through 9/30/19.

•Can I get a Mug Club Membership?

The next opportunity to get in on the Mug Club is at Fetch Fest 2019 on 10/12/19. The number of Memberships available is dependent upon how many current Members do not renew. The number of available mugs last year was 46. These all sold out at Fetch Fest by people who were in line beginning at 1pm, with the Memberships all spoken for by 4:15pm by those in line at that time.

• Do I get discounts on wine and cider? If not, why?

The Mug Club Memberships receive the discount on beer purchases only. We get our wine and cider from a 3rd party and already price those out according to what we pay. Since we make our own beer, that's where we can offer the discount.

• Can I buy a Mug Club for somebody else?

All renewals are renewed in the same name and mug number as the current owner, so you cannot transfer a renewal to somebody else. But, you can pay for somebody else's renewal. There is a place online to provide the person's name for whom you are renewing.

New Members must be present to purchase so we can check ID.

• I do not have a Membership. When can I get one?

We have 300 Mugs that are all currently sold. The current Members had from 9/1/19-9/30/19 to renew their Mugs. Any of those 300 Mugs that were not renewed will be on sale to the public at our Fetch Fest Beer Tent on October 12, 2019, at 5pm. First come, first served. All of the Memberships sold out at Fetch Fest 2018 last year. (Please see additional information under "Can I get a Mug Club membership?" above.)

• I won't be able to make it to Fetch Fest. Can I have somebody else buy my Mug Club Membership?

Unfortunately, no. You need to be present for purchase so that we can adhere to all of the legal requirements on our end. First and foremost, that means visibly checking an ID in person to ensure the owner of the Membership is 21+ years.

• What do I get for my Membership?

Mug Club Members receive a Hand-Thrown, Numbered Fetch Mug that stays on our shelf for 12 months. This becomes your Mug and nobody else's. Every time you come in, you drink from this Mug and receive $1 off every beer, every day, every time. At the end of that 12 months, you take your Mug home and have the opportunity to renew your Mug Number and receive a new Mug on the shelf. Members also receive discounts on Growler, Howler and Crowler fills as well as 10% Merchandise Discount. Throughout the year, there are additional perks announced for events and special releases. 

• What if I don't need another Mug and don't plan to bring my Mug home at the end of the year? Can I get a discounted Membership price?

Nope. Our costs are still the same on our end, which includes paying the Potter the cost for the Mugs. Remember these Mugs also make great gifts and are highly sought after, as the handled Mugs are only made for Members. Any unclaimed Mugs will be auctioned off for charity the following year.

• Can 2 people share one Mug?

Nope. Simply put, this would get terribly messy on our end and takes away from the integrity of the Mug Club.

Interested in joining?

Visit us at Fetch Fest on October 12th, 2019.

Still have questions? Email: jen@fetchbrewing.com