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Fetch Brewing Annual Mug Club Membership


Welcome to the Fetch Brewing Annual Mug Club Membership! 
From January 1 - December 31 you will receive a $1 discount on every beer or hard cider, every day. You will also have access to discount-priced Growler, Crowler, Howler and 16-oz cans every day. Want to represent? You will also receive a 10% merchandise discount!
All this and you get to drink from one of our Hand-Thrown Fetch Mugs that reside on the Mug Club shelves in the tap room. 
Welcome to the Club - happy to have you.
- All Mug Club Members must show proof of age upon arrival at Fetch - Must be 21+.
- If you are purchasing this as a gift, please provide the recipient's name in the Name Field.

Annual Mug Club Membership

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